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Chicago White Sox vs. Boston Red Sox Tickets

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  1. Depending on the date of your order and event, we ship all of our tickets via FedEx. Standard FedEx is two day delivery and if needed we have next day and Saturday delivery available.

    If FedEx delivery is not an option due to time constraints, your tickets will be delivered via email, will-call, or a local office pickup with a ticket specialist in your area.

    We guarantee that all confirmed orders will be received on time for the event!

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    How will I receive my tickets?
  2. To protect the privacy of both buyers and sellers, we do not disclose specific seat numbers. Once the order is processed you will be receiving a confirmation email which will have your seat numbers listed. If you would like even more information, we provide you with your ticket broker's information on the receipt; feel free to contact them and they would be happy to assist you with any questions.

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    Can I find my seat numbers?
  3. All ticket groups have consecutive seating (seats next to each other) unless otherwise clearly noted under the ticket listing. It is very rare for any tickets groups to have split seating.

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    Are the seats next to each other?
  4. The tickets are set by our affiliated ticket brokers and are determined by the market. The prices may vary per ticket broker for similar tickets based on their perception of the market and the cost they incurred to obtain the tickets.

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    Why are similar tickets priced differently?
  5. The tickets are set by our affiliated ticket brokers and are determined by the market. The prices may vary per ticket broker for similar tickets based on their perception of the market and the cost they incurred to obtain the tickets.

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    Is the transaction secure?
  6. TicketSupply.com has over 60,000 events and millions of tickets for sale at any given time! We are a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue. We network licensed or registered sellers to give fans access to a wide inventory of tickets. We provide a safe and secure method to purchase sports, concert and theater tickets. All of our transactions are PCI compliant and SSL certified so you can rest assured that your information is safe. In addition, we offer a 100% guarantee on every ticket that is purchased on our website.

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    We are a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue.

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Guaranteed Rate Field

333 West 35th Street Chicago, IL 60616
Capacity: 47754
Section SEC506 Row 10Section SEC509 Row 10Section SEC506 Row 3Section SEC507 Row 3Section SEC509 Row 4Section SEC507 Row 10Section SEC508 Row 10Section SEC508 Row 4Section SEC509 Row 10Section SEC509 Row 6Section SEC506 Row 7Section SEC508 Row 6Section SEC507 Row 5Section SEC506 Row 5Section SEC506 Row 6Section SEC509 Row 7Section SEC507 Row 4Section SEC509 Row 9Section SEC506 Row 4Section SEC508 Row 7Section SEC507 Row 3Section SEC507 Row 8Section SEC509 Row 5Section SEC508 Row 8Section SEC509 Row 4Section SEC507 Row 2Section SEC506 Row 3Section SEC508 Row 9Section SEC506 Row 1Section SEC509 Row 7Section SEC509 Row 8Section SEC508 Row 10Section SEC507 Row 9Section SEC508 Row 5Section SEC509 Row 8Section SEC507 Row 7Section SEC506 Row 8Section SEC508 Row 4Section SEC508 Row 7Section STADIUM CLUB Row GASection STADIUM CLUB Row GASection STADIUM CLUB Row 1Section BOX533 Row 9Section BOX528 Row 7Section SEC520 Row 10Section SEC555 Row 6Section SEC544 Row 2Section SEC509 Row 1Section BOX522 Row 1Section SEC516 Row 2Section SEC555 Row 10Section SEC554 Row 10Section SEC546 Row 7Section SEC557 Row 6Section SEC518 Row 5Section SEC510 Row 2Section SEC552 Row 10Section SEC558 Row 10Section SEC555 Row 5Section SEC110 Row 15Section SEC544 Row 8Section SEC108 Row 9Section SEC520 Row 10Section SEC516 Row 6Section SEC109 Row 14Section SEC548 Row 10Section SEC556 Row 7Section SEC550 Row 5Section SEC558 Row 3Section SEC556 Row 10Section SEC154 Row 16Section SEC548 Row 8Section SEC516 Row 10Section SEC546 Row 10Section SEC155 Row 16Section SEC512 Row 2Section SEC552 Row 5Section SEC518 Row 10Section SEC156 Row 17Section SEC514 Row 5Section SEC514 Row 10Section SEC544 Row 10Section SEC510 Row 10Section SEC554 Row 5Section SEC550 Row 10Section SEC557 Row 10Section SEC512 Row 10Section SEC108 Row 14Section BOX534 Row 7Section GI SRO Row G12Section GI SRO Row G13Section BOX533 Row 8Section SEC520 Row 14Section SEC156 Row 11Section SEC154 Row 19Section SEC518 Row 15Section SEC556 Row 3Section SEC512 Row 4Section SEC548 Row 8Section SEC110 Row 23Section SEC109 Row 19Section SEC155 Row 20Section SEC558 Row 6Section BOX542 Row 10Section SEC516 Row 8Section SEC156 Row 16Section SEC557 Row 10Section SEC548 Row 6Section SEC544 Row 9Section SEC109 Row 20Section SEC514 Row 5Section BOX530 Row 9Section SEC154 Row 20Section BOX534 Row 13Section SEC156 Row 12Section SEC554 Row 10Section SEC518 Row 11Section SEC510 Row 8Section SEC520 Row 16Section SEC108 Row 15Section SEC514 Row 9Section SEC544 Row 12Section SEC512 Row 9Section SEC554 Row 8Section SEC550 Row 9Section SEC556 Row 12Section SEC544 Row 10Section SEC546 Row 14Section BOX540 Row 10Section SEC546 Row 13Section SEC155 Row 16Section BOX537 Row 10Section BOX526 Row 7Section SEC554 Row 7Section SEC550 Row 11Section SEC552 Row 5Section SEC550 Row 6Section BOX536 Row 10Section SEC110 Row 15Section SEC555 Row 5Section SEC156 Row 15Section SEC109 Row 16Section SEC156 Row 16Section SEC556 Row 8Section SEC557 Row 7Section SEC557 Row 6Section SEC520 Row 11Section SEC154 Row 19Section SEC108 Row 9Section BOX535 Row 9Section BOX538 Row 10Section SEC156 Row 12Section SEC155 Row 19Section SEC552 Row 9Section SEC155 Row 22Section SEC109 Row 15Section SEC546 Row 12Section SEC512 Row 2Section SEC552 Row 6Section BOX531 Row 11Section SEC546 Row 11Section SEC516 Row 12Section SEC518 Row 12Section SEC156 Row 15Section BOX531 Row 8Section BOX530 Row 10Section SEC557 Row 9Section SEC557 Row 8Section SEC546 Row 10Section SEC516 Row 11Section SEC156 Row 10Section SEC155 Row 21Section SEC156 Row 15Section SEC518 Row 13Section SEC550 Row 10Section SEC550 Row 8Section SEC156 Row 14Section SEC154 Row 16Section SEC555 Row 10Section SEC154 Row 18Section SEC510 Row 7Section SEC110 Row 17Section SEC556 Row 10Section SEC555 Row 8Section BOX542 Row 4Section SEC108 Row 11Section SEC108 Row 10Section SEC156 Row 13Section SEC108 Row 14Section SEC555 Row 12Section SEC154 Row 17Section SEC518 Row 5Section SEC154 Row 20Section SEC554 Row 5Section SEC554 Row 6Section BOX527 Row 10Section SEC546 Row 9Section SEC156 Row 10Section SEC110 Row 18Section SEC548 Row 11Section BOX537 Row 7Section BOX533 Row 12Section BOX535 Row 12Section SEC514 Row 11Section SEC552 Row 11Section SEC520 Row 13Section SEC516 Row 13Section BOX530 Row 7Section SEC510 Row 2Section SEC516 Row 6Section SEC544 Row 8Section SEC556 Row 9Section SEC109 Row 17Section SEC155 Row 18Section SEC514 Row 7Section SEC558 Row 3Section SEC520 Row 10Section SEC109 Row 14Section SEC156 Row 13Section SEC552 Row 7Section SEC548 Row 12Section SEC550 Row 12Section SEC558 Row 9Section SEC512 Row 6Section SEC548 Row 10Section SEC154 Row 25Section SEC558 Row 4Section SEC544 Row 14Section BOX522 Row 10Section SEC520 Row 15Section SEC552 Row 8Section SEC156 Row 14Section BOX524 Row 10Section SEC518 Row 10Section SEC156 Row 16Section SEC518 Row 11Section BOX526 Row 10Section SEC516 Row 9Section BOX522 Row 7Section SEC154 Row 16Section SEC514 Row 8Section SEC557 Row 11Section SEC514 Row 6Section SEC109 Row 18Section BOX527 Row 9Section SEC512 Row 8Section SEC558 Row 8Section SEC108 Row 15Section SEC554 Row 11Section SEC110 Row 17Section SEC514 Row 10Section SEC552 Row 10Section SEC555 Row 11Section SEC555 Row 9Section SEC518 Row 14Section SEC548 Row 14Section SEC108 Row 16Section SEC544 Row 13Section SEC109 Row 20Section SEC554 Row 9Section SEC110 Row 16Section SEC108 Row 13Section BOX536 Row 9Section SEC510 Row 3Section SEC555 Row 13Section SEC154 Row 18Section SEC548 Row 13Section SEC550 Row 5Section SEC510 Row 4Section SEC156 Row 11Section SEC512 Row 5Section SEC520 Row 12Section SEC557 Row 3Section SEC154 Row 24Section SEC546 Row 7Section SEC544 Row 11Section SEC556 Row 7Section SEC510 Row 5Section SEC558 Row 5Section SEC510 Row 6Section BOX528 Row 11Section SEC155 Row 17Section SEC516 Row 10Section BOX538 Row 7Section SEC110 Row 24Section SEC110 Row 16Section SEC110 Row 25Section SEC556 Row 11Section SEC558 Row 7Section BOX529 Row 13Section SEC512 Row 7Section SEC158 Row 24Section SEC158 Row 20Section SEC158 Row 28Section SEC158 Row 16Section SEC102 Row 12Section SEC102 Row 8Section BOX118 Row 15Section BOX533 Row 8Section BOX536 Row 11Section BOX530 Row 9Section BOX534 Row 19Section BOX533 Row 11Section BOX535 Row 14Section BOX533 Row 14Section BOX542 Row 4Section BOX526 Row 9Section BOX537 Row 10Section BOX535 Row 9Section BOX524 Row 13Section BOX538 Row 8Section BOX528 Row 11Section BOX530 Row 13Section BOX537 Row 7Section BOX528 Row 8Section BOX522 Row 7Section BOX531 Row 14Section BOX529 Row 14Section BOX530 Row 13Section BOX542 Row 12Section BOX526 Row 8Section BOX531 Row 11Section BOX527 Row 13Section BOX535 Row 13Section BOX542 Row 7Section BOX531 Row 10Section BOX540 Row 13Section BOX537 Row 7Section BOX530 Row 11Section BOX535 Row 12Section BOX542 Row 10Section BOX529 Row 16Section BOX534 Row 18Section BOX533 Row 12Section BOX530 Row 12Section BOX522 Row 1Section BOX527 Row 12Section BOX540 Row 10Section BOX522 Row 8Section BOX527 Row 10Section BOX537 Row 11Section BOX533 Row 8Section BOX529 Row 15Section BOX528 Row 8Section BOX522 Row 10Section BOX530 Row 8Section BOX536 Row 14Section BOX533 Row 15Section BOX535 Row 15Section BOX534 Row 13Section BOX530 Row 10Section BOX526 Row 10Section BOX538 Row 10Section BOX531 Row 15Section BOX540 Row 11Section BOX534 Row 16Section BOX534 Row 17Section BOX540 Row 12Section BOX527 Row 11Section BOX536 Row 12Section BOX542 Row 9Section BOX528 Row 14Section BOX528 Row 13Section BOX540 Row 14Section BOX533 Row 13Section BOX536 Row 9Section BOX524 Row 10Section BOX524 Row 11Section BOX526 Row 7Section BOX529 Row 18Section BOX531 Row 8Section BOX536 Row 10Section BOX524 Row 12Section BOX529 Row 13Section BOX537 Row 9Section BOX528 Row 15Section BOX534 Row 15Section BOX522 Row 9Section BOX534 Row 14Section BOX529 Row 17Section BOX522 Row 11Section BOX542 Row 11Section BOX524 Row 14Section BOX522 Row 12Section BOX531 Row 9Section BOX538 Row 9Section BOX538 Row 11Section BOX528 Row 12Section BOX527 Row 9Section BOX524 Row 15Section BOX542 Row 8Section BOX533 Row 9Section BOX536 Row 13Section BOX538 Row 7Section BOX531 Row 6Section BOX535 Row 5Section BOX540 Row 5Section BOX530 Row 6Section BOX537 Row 4Section BOX529 Row 6Section BOX528 Row 4Section BOX538 Row 5Section BOX536 Row 4Section BOX527 Row 5Section BOX524 Row 6Section BOX526 Row 4Section SEC160 Row 14Section SEC163 Row 7Section SEC162 Row 10Section SEC164 Row 10Section SEC154 Row 8Section SEC162 Row 9Section SEC548 Row 9Section SEC161 Row 12Section SEC103 Row 5Section SEC164 Row 4Section SEC163 Row 10Section SEC105 Row 9Section SEC154 Row 7Section BOX533 Row 2Section SEC102 Row 7Section SEC102 Row 10Section SEC100 Row 4Section SEC160 Row 6Section SEC100 Row 10Section 103 Row 11Section SEC110 Row 6Section SEC157 Row 22Section SEC158 Row 16Section SEC101 Row 10Section SEC159 Row 17Section SEC103 Row 10Section BOX540 Row 5Section BOX537 Row 4Section BOX531 Row 6Section BOX527 Row 5Section BOX535 Row 6Section BOX526 Row 4Section BOX530 Row 6Section BOX528 Row 4Section BOX537 Row 6Section BOX527 Row 6Section BOX524 Row 6Section BOX536 Row 4Section BOX526 Row 5Section BOX526 Row 6Section BOX528 Row 4Section BOX537 Row 5Section BOX538 Row 5Section BOX538 Row 6Section BOX527 Row 3Section BOX540 Row 6Section BOX530 Row 6Section BOX535 Row 5Section BOX529 Row 6Section SEC160 Row 18Section SEC163 Row 9Section SEC161 Row 17Section SEC164 Row 7Section SEC163 Row 11Section SEC161 Row 15Section SEC164 Row 5Section SEC160 Row 19Section SEC163 Row 10Section SEC164 Row 4Section SEC162 Row 9Section SEC161 Row 19Section SEC162 Row 14Section SEC160 Row 15Section SEC163 Row 7Section SEC163 Row 12Section SEC160 Row 16Section SEC160 Row 17Section SEC160 Row 16Section SEC163 Row 8Section SEC161 Row 12Section SEC161 Row 14Section SEC161 Row 16Section SEC164 Row 6Section SEC160 Row 13Section SEC164 Row 8Section SEC164 Row 9Section SEC162 Row 13Section SEC162 Row 11Section SEC161 Row 13Section SEC162 Row 10Section SEC162 Row 6Section SEC162 Row 12Section SEC164 Row 10Section SEC160 Row 16Section SEC160 Row 14Section SEC163 Row 13Section SEC157 Row 12Section SEC163 Row 6Section SEC552 Row 1Section BOX522 Row 2Section SEC157 Row 25Section SEC103 Row 15Section GI STN Row G09Section SEC157 Row 23Section SEC158 Row 13Section SEC100 Row 12Section SEC102 Row 11Section GI STN Row G11Section GI STN Row G08Section SEC157 Row 24Section SEC159 Row 20Section SEC158 Row 19Section SEC159 Row 21Section SEC101 Row 13Section SEC159 Row 19Section SEC157 Row 28Section SEC101 Row 10Section SEC159 Row 17Section SEC100 Row 11Section SEC101 Row 4Section SEC101 Row 11Section SEC102 Row 7Section SEC159 Row 23Section SEC101 Row 15Section SEC100 Row 4Section SEC159 Row 18Section SEC101 Row 14Section BOX115 Row AASection SEC157 Row 22Section SEC157 Row 26Section SEC100 Row 2Section SEC103 Row 13Section SEC100 Row 3Section SEC102 Row 10Section SEC158 Row 18Section SEC159 Row 22Section SEC157 Row 27Section SEC103 Row 11Section SEC158 Row 20Section SEC158 Row 16Section SEC158 Row 21Section SEC101 Row 16Section GI STN Row G10Section SEC103 Row 14Section GI STN Row G07Section SEC103 Row 10Section SEC103 Row 12Section SEC101 Row 12Section SEC102 Row 12Section SEC100 Row 10Section SEC102 Row 8Section SEC100 Row 5Section SEC102 Row 9Section SEC158 Row 17Section SEC103 Row 16Section BOX534 Row 2Section SEC161 Row 4Section BOX118 Row 7Section SEC103 Row 3Section SEC520 Row 2Section BOX112 Row 10Section BOX153 Row 3Section Parking Row GA37Section BOX151 Row 13Section BOX152 Row 10Section BOX112 Row 6Section BOX113 Row 10Section BOX113 Row 7Section BOX111 Row 11Section BOX153 Row 10Section BOX111 Row 3Section SEC162 Row 7Section BOX522 Row 3Section BOX148 Row 7Section BOX111 Row 6Section BOX152 Row 15Section BOX113 Row 7Section BOX112 Row 6Section BOX112 Row 9Section BOX151 Row 13Section BOX112 Row 12Section BOX153 Row 9Section BOX152 Row 14Section BOX151 Row 18Section BOX152 Row 11Section BOX152 Row 10Section BOX111 Row 8Section BOX151 Row 19Section BOX151 Row 14Section BOX111 Row 3Section BOX113 Row 9Section BOX153 Row 5Section BOX112 Row 8Section BOX153 Row 3Section BOX151 Row 17Section BOX113 Row 10Section BOX152 Row 13Section BOX151 Row 16Section BOX111 Row 5Section BOX113 Row 8Section BOX112 Row 10Section BOX111 Row 4Section BOX153 Row 4Section BOX112 Row 11Section BOX113 Row 12Section BOX113 Row 13Section BOX153 Row 8Section BOX113 Row 11Section BOX153 Row 6Section BOX152 Row 12Section BOX112 Row 7Section BOX151 Row 15Section BOX111 Row 11Section BOX153 Row 7Section BOX111 Row 7Section BOX152 Row 16Section 150 Row AASection 114 Row AASection BOX146 Row 10Section BOX534 Row 1Section RED PARKING LOTS Row 1Section SEC162 Row 3Section SEC103 Row 2Section BOX128 Row 26Section SEC161 Row 4Section SEC110 Row 7Section BOX133 Row 27Section 149 Row AASection 163 Row 2Section BOX531 Row 7Section BOX117 Row 8Section SEC102 Row 3Section SEC164 Row 2Section BOX528 Row 2Section BOX117 Row 28Section BOX149 Row 8Section BOX147 Row 13Section BOX118 Row 15Section BOX115 Row 10Section BOX146 Row 6Section BOX146 Row 18Section BOX150 Row 11Section BOX149 Row 11Section BOX114 Row 10Section BOX114 Row 9Section BOX116 Row 14Section BOX149 Row 9Section BOX150 Row 16Section BOX148 Row 25Section BOX150 Row 34Section BOX148 Row 26Section BOX148 Row 25Section BOX149 Row 19Section BOX115 Row 15Section BOX116 Row 15Section BOX148 Row 24Section BOX114 Row 14Section BOX149 Row 17Section BOX150 Row 13Section BOX114 Row 9Section BOX116 Row 14Section BOX149 Row 16Section BOX115 Row 10Section BOX149 Row 16Section BOX147 Row 27Section BOX115 Row 19Section BOX147 Row 29Section BOX116 Row 17Section BOX149 Row 8Section BOX147 Row 13Section BOX149 Row 18Section BOX114 Row 13Section BOX148 Row 20Section BOX117 Row 33Section BOX150 Row 12Section BOX114 Row 15Section BOX117 Row 31Section BOX149 Row 17Section BOX150 Row 15Section BOX147 Row 23Section BOX118 Row 15Section BOX116 Row 24Section BOX114 Row 11Section BOX147 Row 12Section 160 Row 2Section BOX116 Row 23Section BOX117 Row 28Section BOX117 Row 32Section BOX148 Row 27Section BOX148 Row 19Section BOX115 Row 16Section BOX148 Row 24Section BOX150 Row 11Section BOX150 Row 14Section BOX147 Row 15Section BOX117 Row 35Section BOX116 Row 13Section SEC520 Row 7Section BOX148 Row 17Section BOX117 Row 34Section BOX147 Row 14Section BOX114 Row 10Section BOX116 Row 16Section BOX115 Row 18Section BOX146 Row 18Section BOX149 Row 11Section BOX117 Row 20Section BOX115 Row 20Section BOX114 Row 12Section BOX115 Row 17Section SEC102 Row 1Section SEC162 Row 3Section SEC544 Row 7Section BOX147 Row 6Section SEC162 Row 4Section SEC110 Row 5Section BOX538 Row 2Section BOX350 Row 1Section BOX139 Row 26Section BOX147 Row 9Section SEC102 Row 4Section SEC509 Row 12Section 131 Row 26Section 163 Row 1Section BOX115 Row 4Section BOX132 Row 21Section BOX115 Row 24Section BOX115 Row 20Section BOX149 Row 22Section SEC164 Row 6Section BOX115 Row 16Section BOX149 Row 34Section BOX149 Row 30Section BOX117 Row 31Section BOX149 Row 18Section BOX530 Row 2Section BOX115 Row 1Section BOX116 Row 6Section SEC159 Row 2Section BOX326 Row 2Section SEC164 Row 1Section BOX132 Row 21Section BOX346 Row 4Section BOX316 Row 2Section BOX312 Row 1Section BOX314 Row 1Section BOX348 Row 2Section BOX318 Row 2Section BOX146 Row 5Section BOX318 Row 3Section SEC546 Row 6Section BOX352 Row 1Section BOX350 Row 2Section BOX312 Row 4Section BOX150 Row 1Section BOX314 Row 5Section BOX352 Row 3Section BOX312 Row 5Section BOX314 Row 4Section BOX352 Row 2Section BOX348 Row 4Section BOX312 Row 2Section BOX314 Row 2Section BOX348 Row 3Section BOX350 Row 5Section BOX316 Row 4Section BOX316 Row 2Section BOX318 Row 5Section BOX120 Row 13Section BOX318 Row 3Section BOX352 Row 4Section BOX350 Row 2Section BOX314 Row 1Section BOX316 Row 3Section BOX350 Row 4Section BOX348 Row 5Section BOX318 Row 4Section BOX346 Row 3Section BOX312 Row 3Section BOX316 Row 3Section BOX346 Row 3Section SEC164 Row 3Section BOX346 Row 4Section BOX312 Row 1Section BOX314 Row 3Section BOX346 Row 5Section BOX136 Row 18Section BOX352 Row 1Section BOX316 Row 5Section BOX348 Row 2Section BOX350 Row 3Section BOX116 Row 3Section SEC109 Row 27Section SEC155 Row 27Section SEC108 Row 17Section SEC520 Row 15Section SEC154 Row 27Section SEC156 Row 17Section BOX326 Row 4Section 320 Row 1Section BOX342 Row 3Section BOX336 Row 5Section BOX140 Row 20Section BOX328 Row 5Section BOX344 Row 2Section BOX340 Row 3Section BOX338 Row 5Section BOX119 Row 12Section BOX144 Row 20Section BOX131 Row 36Section BOX322 Row 2Section 127 Row 19Section 128 Row 22Section BOX138 Row 33Section BOX137 Row 31Section BOX135 Row 27Section BOX145 Row 8Section BOX129 Row 26Section BOX133 Row 26Section BOX127 Row 27Section BOX141 Row 29Section BOX126 Row 31Section BOX121 Row 26Section BOX134 Row 29Section BOX320 Row 2Section BOX324 Row 5Section BOX122 Row 26Section BOX143 Row 28Section BOX125 Row 30Section BOX139 Row 32Section BOX342 Row 5Section BOX322 Row 3Section BOX320 Row 4Section BOX127 Row 29Section BOX342 Row 4Section BOX320 Row 3Section BOX120 Row 12Section BOX136 Row 30Section BOX320 Row 5Section BOX336 Row 5Section BOX336 Row 5Section BOX342 Row 3Section BOX346 Row 1Section BOX117 Row 6Section BOX344 Row 2Section BOX344 Row 3Section BOX322 Row 5Section BOX344 Row 4Section BOX336 Row 4Section BOX145 Row 6Section SEC163 Row 3Section BOX123 Row 26Section BOX340 Row 4Section BOX338 Row 5Section BOX324 Row 5Section BOX322 Row 2Section BOX326 Row 4Section BOX120 Row 17Section BOX326 Row 3Section BOX328 Row 5Section BOX340 Row 5Section BOX322 Row 4Section BOX340 Row 3Section BOX142 Row 28Section BOX320 Row 2Section BOX344 Row 5Section BOX324 Row 5Section BOX340 Row 5Section BOX326 Row 4Section BOX124 Row 29Section BOX145 Row 10Section BOX130 Row 29Section BOX527 Row 2Section BOX145 Row 11Section BOX144 Row 25Section BOX143 Row 28Section BOX136 Row 34Section BOX145 Row 14Section BOX119 Row 19Section BOX142 Row 28Section BOX127 Row 32Section BOX129 Row 36Section BOX129 Row 27Section BOX128 Row 27Section BOX136 Row 33Section BOX120 Row 19Section BOX135 Row 28Section BOX139 Row 28Section BOX144 Row 21Section BOX126 Row 34Section BOX124 Row 31Section BOX130 Row 29Section BOX126 Row 33Section BOX128 Row 31Section BOX120 Row 21Section BOX140 Row 32Section BOX135 Row 29Section BOX139 Row 31Section BOX139 Row 32Section BOX133 Row 34Section BOX139 Row 29Section BOX342 Row 2Section BOX125 Row 32Section BOX139 Row 30Section BOX129 Row 26Section BOX119 Row 12Section BOX119 Row 15Section BOX139 Row 31Section BOX131 Row 35Section BOX138 Row 33Section BOX144 Row 19Section BOX120 Row 22Section BOX135 Row 27Section BOX137 Row 31Section BOX145 Row 10Section BOX119 Row 13Section BOX141 Row 30Section BOX120 Row 17Section BOX145 Row 12Section BOX130 Row 30Section BOX127 Row 33Section BOX127 Row 34Section BOX135 Row 37Section BOX133 Row 27Section BOX140 Row 31Section BOX125 Row 31Section BOX128 Row 30Section BOX140 Row 35Section BOX135 Row 36Section BOX137 Row 35Section BOX133 Row 26Section BOX130 Row 27Section BOX127 Row 30Section BOX133 Row 28Section BOX137 Row 34Section BOX119 Row 16Section BOX131 Row 35Section BOX120 Row 18Section BOX136 Row 35Section BOX140 Row 30Section BOX133 Row 29Section BOX137 Row 33Section BOX144 Row 19Section BOX127 Row 29Section BOX127 Row 27Section BOX144 Row 22Section BOX137 Row 32Section BOX145 Row 9Section BOX145 Row 8Section BOX136 Row 31Section BOX144 Row 23Section BOX144 Row 24Section BOX124 Row 29Section BOX140 Row 34Section BOX145 Row 13Section BOX140 Row 33Section BOX141 Row 29Section BOX138 Row 35Section BOX129 Row 29Section BOX134 Row 29Section BOX138 Row 34Section BOX136 Row 36Section BOX144 Row 20Section BOX120 Row 20Section BOX136 Row 30Section BOX119 Row 17Section BOX120 Row 23Section BOX131 Row 27Section BOX126 Row 31Section BOX128 Row 28Section BOX128 Row 32Section BOX127 Row 31Section BOX143 Row 27Section BOX119 Row 14Section BOX125 Row 30Section BOX124 Row 30Section BOX137 Row 36Section BOX126 Row 32Section BOX140 Row 31Section BOX129 Row 22Section BOX125 Row 19Section SEC102 Row 3Section BOX114 Row 3Section SEC544 Row 5Section 142 Row 18Section BOX120 Row 11Section SEC546 Row 5Section BOX120 Row 8Section BOX119 Row 9Section BOX120 Row 9Section BOX122 Row 19Section BOX130 Row 24Section GI-STN Row G07Section BOX126 Row 24Section BOX123 Row 19Section BOX125 Row 25Section BOX137 Row 25Section BOX139 Row 25Section BOX134 Row 25Section BOX129 Row 23Section BOX143 Row 21Section BOX124 Row 22Section BOX141 Row 23Section BOX131 Row 25Section BOX128 Row 25Section BOX136 Row 25Section BOX143 Row 25Section BOX141 Row 24Section BOX121 Row 16Section BOX121 Row 23Section BOX123 Row 21Section BOX128 Row 25Section BOX130 Row 23Section BOX129 Row 23Section BOX129 Row 25Section BOX141 Row 21Section BOX143 Row 24Section BOX121 Row 18Section BOX124 Row 23Section BOX122 Row 22Section BOX143 Row 23Section BOX126 Row 24Section BOX121 Row 19Section BOX140 Row 25Section BOX141 Row 25Section BOX123 Row 19Section BOX123 Row 20Section BOX122 Row 19Section BOX122 Row 25Section BOX123 Row 24Section BOX141 Row 23Section BOX130 Row 25Section BOX137 Row 25Section BOX121 Row 20Section BOX134 Row 22Section BOX121 Row 19Section BOX130 Row 24Section BOX121 Row 21Section BOX129 Row 24Section BOX131 Row 25Section BOX142 Row 21Section BOX124 Row 25Section BOX122 Row 23Section BOX123 Row 25Section BOX122 Row 20Section BOX141 Row 22Section BOX142 Row 23Section BOX134 Row 25Section BOX139 Row 25Section BOX125 Row 24Section BOX131 Row 25Section BOX139 Row 24Section BOX142 Row 20Section BOX122 Row 21Section BOX124 Row 22Section BOX122 Row 24Section BOX123 Row 22Section BOX134 Row 23Section BOX142 Row 20Section BOX123 Row 23Section BOX142 Row 24Section BOX121 Row 22Section BOX126 Row 25Section BOX124 Row 24Section BOX142 Row 22Section BOX142 Row 25Section BOX143 Row 21Section BOX128 Row 24Section BOX125 Row 25Section BOX136 Row 25Section BOX143 Row 22Section 324 Row 4Section 122 Row 15Section 124 Row 12Section BOX138 Row 19Section LOT D Row 1Section BOX316 Row 1Section BOX149 Row 1Section BOX135 Row 26Section BOX344 Row 1Section SEC544 Row 4Section BOX140 Row 26Section BOX145 Row 4Section BOX135 Row 19Section BOX139 Row 22Section 116 Row 1Section BOX119 Row 4Section SEC516 Row 3Section BOX148 Row 1Section BOX342 Row 2Section SEC548 Row 3Section BOX149 Row 18Section BOX115 Row 17Section BOX145 Row 2Section BOX136 Row 14Section BOX348 Row 1Section BOX137 Row 19Section 143 Row 15Section 127 Row 17Section BOX121 Row 11Section SEC508 Row 9Section SEC509 Row 9Section BOX123 Row 15Section BOX119 Row 5Section SEC510 Row 1Section BOX340 Row 2Section BOX141 Row 14Section BOX141 Row 19Section BOX123 Row 13Section BOX133 Row 34Section BOX140 Row 32Section BOX129 Row 36Section BOX137 Row 34Section SEC512 Row 8Section 140 Row 7Section BOX125 Row 17Section BOX119 Row 1Section BOX123 Row 9Section BOX122 Row 22Section 137 Row 10Section BOX123 Row 22Section BOX136 Row 26Section SEC506 Row 7Section SEC508 Row 7Section SEC509 Row 7Section 146 Row 1Section 121 Row 6Section 124 Row 14Section 132 Row 19Section BOX135 Row 14Section BOX123 Row 7Section BOX134 Row 19Section BOX124 Row 11Section SEC512 Row 7Section SEC558 Row 7Section 127 Row 8Section 127 Row 9Section BOX125 Row 8Section Lower Level Fan Row PackageSection 123 Row 5Section Visiting Team Dugout Row PackageSection BOX153 Row 5Section BOX125 Row 13Section BOX128 Row 8Section BOX122 Row 7Section 121 Row 5Section White Sox Dugout Row PackageSection GRCLD Row D4Section GRCLC Row C4Section GRCLB Row B4Section GRCLB Row B4Section GRCLA Row A4Section 131S Row 9Section GRCLD Row 2Section GRCLC Row C4Section GRCLB Row B4Section GRCLD Row D5Section GRCLA Row A4Section 131S Row 5Section 134S Row 6Section 131S Row 11Section 133S Row 11Section 134S Row 8Section 131S Row 7Section 133S Row 7Section 133S Row 8Section 133S Row 11Section 131S Row 7Section 133S Row 8Section 134S Row 9Section 134S Row 7Section 133S Row 5Section Home Plate Club Row Package
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