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Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Milwaukee Brewers Tickets

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  1. Depending on the date of your order and event, we ship all of our tickets via FedEx. Standard FedEx is two day delivery and if needed we have next day and Saturday delivery available.

    If FedEx delivery is not an option due to time constraints, your tickets will be delivered via email, will-call, or a local office pickup with a ticket specialist in your area.

    We guarantee that all confirmed orders will be received on time for the event!

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    How will I receive my tickets?
  2. To protect the privacy of both buyers and sellers, we do not disclose specific seat numbers. Once the order is processed you will be receiving a confirmation email which will have your seat numbers listed. If you would like even more information, we provide you with your ticket broker's information on the receipt; feel free to contact them and they would be happy to assist you with any questions.

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    Can I find my seat numbers?
  3. All ticket groups have consecutive seating (seats next to each other) unless otherwise clearly noted under the ticket listing. It is very rare for any tickets groups to have split seating.

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    Are the seats next to each other?
  4. The tickets are set by our affiliated ticket brokers and are determined by the market. The prices may vary per ticket broker for similar tickets based on their perception of the market and the cost they incurred to obtain the tickets.

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    Why are similar tickets priced differently?
  5. The tickets are set by our affiliated ticket brokers and are determined by the market. The prices may vary per ticket broker for similar tickets based on their perception of the market and the cost they incurred to obtain the tickets.

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    Is the transaction secure?
  6. TicketSupply.com has over 60,000 events and millions of tickets for sale at any given time! We are a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue. We network licensed or registered sellers to give fans access to a wide inventory of tickets. We provide a safe and secure method to purchase sports, concert and theater tickets. All of our transactions are PCI compliant and SSL certified so you can rest assured that your information is safe. In addition, we offer a 100% guarantee on every ticket that is purchased on our website.

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    We are a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue.

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Dodger Stadium

1000 Vin Scully Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012
Capacity: N/A
Section 42RS Row DDSection 50RS Row CCSection 50RS Row EESection 50RS Row DDSection 58RS Row BBSection 13TD Row PSection 59RS Row USection 61RS Row BBSection 53RS Row BBSection 53RS Row BBSection 54RS Row CCSection 37RS Row CCSection 42RS Row BBSection 47RS Row ASection 47RS Row ESection 47RS Row BSection 47RS Row CSection 47RS Row HSection 47RS Row HSection 50RS Row BBSection 58RS Row AASection 55RS Row BSection 55RS Row JSection 55RS Row FSection 11TD Row LSection 11TD Row MSection 13TD Row LSection 13TD Row MSection 13TD Row OSection 57RS Row AASection 52RS Row BSection 52RS Row ESection 52RS Row MSection 56RS Row BSection 59RS Row BSection 44RS Row MSection 44RS Row NSection 44RS Row KSection 51RS Row BSection 51RS Row ESection 6TD Row JSection 40RS Row SSection 40RS Row MSection 43RS Row MSection 26RS Row DDSection 26RS Row CCSection 26RS Row EESection 61RS Row AASection 39RS Row MSection 53RS Row AASection 53RS Row AASection 48RS Row ESection 48RS Row ASection 48RS Row BSection 48RS Row JSection 54RS Row BBSection 30RS Row CCSection 41RS Row HHSection 35RS Row NSection 42RS Row AASection 42RS Row AASection 4TD Row KSection 4TD Row JSection 5TD Row HSection 5TD Row HSection 5TD Row JSection 9TD Row KSection 9TD Row JSection 9TD Row OSection 9TD Row OSection 55RS Row ASection 52RS Row ASection 56RS Row ASection 59RS Row ASection 44RS Row JSection 44RS Row CSection 51RS Row ASection 40RS Row CSection 40RS Row BSection 40RS Row CSection 40RS Row BSection 40RS Row DSection 43RS Row CSection 43RS Row DSection 38RS Row BBSection 39RS Row CSection 39RS Row DSection 46RS Row AASection 46RS Row AASection 49RS Row AASection 49RS Row AASection 2TD Row JSection 2TD Row CSection 2TD Row GSection 2TD Row KSection 2TD Row DSection 309PL Row USection 37RS Row BBSection 37RS Row BBSection 50RS Row AASection 50RS Row AASection 50RS Row AASection 5TD Row GSection 7TD Row CSection 10TD Row CSection 11TD Row ESection 12RS Row CCSection 12RS Row BBSection 12RS Row HHSection 14RS Row CCSection 311PL Row USection 43RS Row BSection 13RS Row DDSection 13RS Row JJSection 38RS Row AASection 3TD Row CSection 3TD Row HSection 3TD Row DSection 3TD Row KSection 3TD Row JSection 3TD Row CSection 3TD Row GSection 39RS Row BSection 17RS Row CCSection 17RS Row FFSection 27RS Row MSection 27RS Row PSection 27RS Row PSection 54RS Row AASection 54RS Row AASection 21RS Row CCSection 30RS Row BBSection 28RS Row MSection 41RS Row AASection 41RS Row BBSection 23RS Row CSection 23RS Row DSection 23RS Row TSection 23RS Row CSection 23RS Row MSection 23RS Row MSection 24RS Row VSection 24RS Row CSection 24RS Row ESection 24RS Row DSection 24RS Row FSection 24RS Row MSection 2TD Row BSection 301PL Row PSection 301PL Row OSection 301PL Row USection 301PL Row WSection 303PL Row RSection 305PL Row SSection 305PL Row USection 307PL Row OSection 309PL Row OSection 309PL Row NSection 35RS Row BSection 35RS Row DSection 35RS Row ESection 35RS Row CSection 37RS Row AASection 37RS Row AASection 4TD Row CSection 4TD Row BSection 4TD Row DSection 5TD Row BSection 5TD Row BSection 5TD Row CSection 5TD Row DSection 5TD Row CSection 7TD Row BSection 9TD Row BSection 9TD Row CSection 10TD Row BSection 11TD Row BSection 12RS Row AASection 13TD Row BSection 13TD Row KSection 311PL Row NSection 6TD Row BSection 40RS Row ASection 43RS Row ASection 36RS Row BSection 3TD Row BSection 39RS Row ASection 27RS Row DSection 27RS Row CSection 18RS Row AASection 31RS Row CSection 31RS Row ESection 28RS Row CSection 12TD Row BSection 8TD Row BSection 8TD Row CSection 2TD Row ASection 35RS Row ASection 4TD Row ASection 4TD Row ESection 5TD Row ASection 7TD Row ASection 9TD Row ASection 10TD Row ASection 11TD Row ASection 13TD Row ASection 14RS Row BBSection 14RS Row BBSection 3TD Row ASection 17RS Row BBSection 27RS Row BSection 21RS Row BBSection 31RS Row BSection 28RS Row BSection 12TD Row ASection 8TD Row ASection 23RS Row BSection 24RS Row BSection 24RS Row BSection 301 Row NSection 7RS Row MSection 10RS Row PSection 11RS Row PSection 11RS Row RSection 15RS Row PSection 6RS Row ESection 13RS Row AASection 166LG Row RSection 8RS Row NSection 20RS Row DSection 20RS Row CSection 307PL Row ESection 309PL Row GSection 309PL Row JSection 309PL Row KSection 7RS Row MSection 7RS Row HSection 7RS Row JSection 9RS Row JSection 9RS Row GSection 10RS Row JSection 11RS Row JSection 15RS Row JSection 6RS Row KSection 6RS Row CSection 311PL Row JSection 313PL Row GSection 313PL Row HSection 162LG Row PSection 163LG Row SSection 163LG Row PSection 166LG Row JSection 166LG Row ESection 166LG Row CSection 16RS Row JSection 19RS Row DSection 19RS Row CSection 20RS Row BSection 20RS Row BSection 22RS Row AASection 2RS Row FSection 2RS Row ESection 2RS Row NSection 301PL Row CSection 301PL Row ESection 301PL Row HSection 301PL Row DSection 301PL Row LSection 301PL Row KSection 301PL Row FSection 301PL Row GSection 301PL Row JSection 303PL Row GSection 303PL Row CSection 303PL Row JSection 303PL Row LSection 303PL Row DSection 303PL Row CSection 305PL Row CSection 305 Row ESection 305 Row GSection 305PL Row ESection 305PL Row DSection 305PL Row GSection 305PL Row HSection 305PL Row KSection 305PL Row CSection 307PL Row CSection 307PL Row ESection 307PL Row GSection 309PL Row FSection 5RS Row CSection 5RS Row ESection 5RS Row CSection 7RS Row DSection 7RS Row ESection 7RS Row CSection 7RS Row CSection 9RS Row ESection 9RS Row DSection 9RS Row FSection 10RS Row DSection 10RS Row CSection 10RS Row ESection 11RS Row CSection 11RS Row CSection 11RS Row CSection 158LG Row PSection 15RS Row CSection 15RS Row DSection 15RS Row ESection 160LG Row PSection 160LG Row JSection 6RS Row ESection 6RS Row DSection 6RS Row CSection 311PL Row CSection 313PL Row CSection 313 Row ESection 1RS Row FSection 1RS Row FSection 1RS Row NSection 1RS Row ESection 26RS Row AASection 26RS Row AASection 36RS Row ASection 36RS Row ASection 36RS Row ASection 163LG Row JSection 163LG Row KSection 163LG Row KSection 164LG Row NSection 164LG Row JSection 164LG Row ESection 164LG Row FSection 164LG Row MSection 16RS Row CSection 19RS Row BSection 4RS Row CSection 4RS Row CSection 8RS Row DSection 8RS Row CSection 8RS Row CSection 17RS Row AASection 17RS Row AASection 165LG Row CSection 21RS Row AASection 167LG Row CSection 23RS Row ASection 24RS Row ASection 24RS Row ASection 2RS Row GSection 2RS Row GSection 2RS Row HSection 2RS Row GSection 2RS Row JSection 5RS Row MSection 5RS Row LSection 5RS Row HSection 5RS Row GSection 5RS Row KSection 5RS Row JSection 158LG Row LSection 158LG Row JSection 158LG Row KSection 159LG Row PSection 161 Row MSection 161 Row PSection 161LG Row KSection 161LG Row KSection 1RS Row JSection 1RS Row GSection 1RS Row KSection 162 Row NSection 157LG Row PSection 157LG Row RSection 163LG Row DSection 163LG Row CSection 163LG Row DSection 163LG Row ESection 166LG Row BSection 4RS Row GSection 4RS Row JSection 4RS Row HSection 27RS Row ASection 168LG Row BSection 31RS Row ASection 31RS Row ASection 20RS Row ASection 309PL Row LSection 309 Row FSection 7RS Row BSection 7RS Row BSection 9RS Row BSection 10RS Row BSection 11RS Row BSection 11RS Row BSection 159LG Row KSection 159LG Row KSection 159LG Row LSection 159LG Row JSection 15RS Row BSection 6RS Row BSection 6RS Row BSection 162 Row LSection 162 Row GSection 157LG Row LSection 157LG Row JSection 157LG Row MSection 164LG Row BSection 166LG Row ASection 16RS Row BSection 8RS Row BSection 8RS Row BSection 165LG Row BSection 168LG Row ASection 2RS Row BSection 309PL Row HSection 163LG Row BSection 164LG Row ASection 4RS Row BSection 4RS Row BSection 52FD Row OSection 52FD Row PSection 52FD Row PSection 52FD Row TSection TOP DECK SRO Row GASection TOP DECK SRO Row GA1Section 48FD Row JSection 48FD Row LSection 48FD Row PSection 48FD Row OSection 50FD Row JSection 50FD Row OSection 159LG Row CSection 159LG Row DSection 163LG Row ASection 165LG Row ASection 167LG Row ASection 303PL Row BSection 305PL Row BSection 307PL Row BSection 309PL Row BSection 50FD Row CSection Parking Row 981 N Hill St. - LoSection PARKING Row 981 N Hill St. - LotSection PARKING Row 981 N Hill St. - LotSection 161LG Row CSection 311PL Row BSection 311PL Row BSection 313PL Row BSection 157LG Row DSection GENERAL PARKING Row GA20Section 48FD Row CSection 48FD Row DSection 48FD Row ESection 48FD Row FSection 50FD Row HSection 50FD Row DSection 50FD Row CSection 10RS Row ASection 10RS Row ASection 11RS Row ASection 11RS Row ASection 153LG Row PSection 158LG Row DSection 158LG Row CSection 159LG Row BSection 15RS Row ASection 160LG Row CSection 160LG Row CSection PARKING Row LOT FSection 161LG Row BSection 53FD Row PSection 157LG Row BSection 16RS Row ASection 16RS Row ASection 46FD Row SSection 46FD Row PSection 49FD Row RSection Field 49 Row SSection 49FD Row TSection 51FD Row JSection 51FD Row OSection 153LG Row GSection 153LG Row JSection 153LG Row CSection 153LG Row HSection 159LG Row BSection 161LG Row ASection 161LG Row BSection 151LG Row JSection 152LG Row JSection 154LG Row CSection 154LG Row CSection 154LG Row DSection 8RS Row ASection 155LG Row ESection 155LG Row KSection 155LG Row HSection 156LG Row CSection 156LG Row ESection 156LG Row FSection 60RS Row VSection 312PR Row SSection 46FD Row JSection 46FD Row KSection 46FD Row JSection 49FD Row KSection 49FD Row NSection 49FD Row LSection 50FD Row BSection 159LG Row ASection 160LG Row BSection 162LG Row BSection 151LG Row DSection 151LG Row ESection 151LG Row FSection 151LG Row HSection 152LG Row DSection 152LG Row CSection 152LG Row ESection 44FD Row RSection 46FD Row CSection 47FD Row SSection 47FD Row CSection 48FD Row BSection 48FD Row BSection 51FD Row CSection 158LG Row BSection 158LG Row BSection LOTK Row GA6Section LOTK Row GA7Section 44FD Row KSection 44FD Row JSection 44FD Row LSection 46FD Row CSection 46FD Row DSection 47FD Row JSection 47FD Row NSection 47FD Row KSection 49FD Row CSection 49FD Row GSection 49FD Row DSection 153LG Row BSection 154LG Row BSection 155LG Row BSection 156LG Row BSection Parking Row Parking Lot KSection 311PL Row ASection 311PL Row ASection 151LG Row BSection 152LG Row BSection 8RS Row ASection 42FD Row RSection 42FD Row SSection 42FD Row TSection 45FD Row RSection 51FD Row BSection 7RS Row ASection 7RS Row ASection 6RS Row ASection 6RS Row ASection 313PL Row ASection 162LG Row ASection 162LG Row ASection 157LG Row ASection 157LG Row ASection 52FD Row ASection 42FD Row JSection 42FD Row KSection 42FD Row LSection 42FD Row MSection 44FD Row CSection 44FD Row FSection 44FD Row DSection 45FD Row KSection 45FD Row NSection 45FD Row LSection 45FD Row JSection 46FD Row BSection 47FD Row DSection 47FD Row ESection 48FD Row ASection 48FD Row ASection 49FD Row BSection 50FD Row ASection 158LG Row ASection 158LG Row ASection 160LG Row ASection 160LG Row ASection 305PL Row ASection 308PR Row KSection 312PR Row KSection 312PR Row DSection 40FD Row RSection 40FD Row SSection 4RS Row ASection 303PL Row ASection 5RS Row ASection PARKING Row GENERAL ADMISSIONSection 149LG Row JSection 147LG Row PSection 147LG Row RSection 147LG Row SSection 147LG Row TSection 2RS Row ASection 40FD Row JSection 40FD Row LSection 40FD Row MSection 40FD Row NSection 43FD Row RSection 43FD Row TSection 47FD Row BSection 148LG Row OSection 148LG Row JSection 153LG Row ASection 145LG Row PSection 145LG Row RSection 146LG Row TSection 154LG Row ASection 156LG Row ASection 302PR Row GSection 302PR Row JSection 302PR Row DSection 302PR Row HSection 304PR Row DSection 306PR Row DSection 306PR Row FSection 306PR Row GSection 306PR Row HSection 308PR Row GSection 308PR Row HSection 312PR Row DSection 41FD Row VSection 41FD Row RSection 41FD Row SSection 42FD Row ESection 42FD Row HSection 42FD Row DSection 42FD Row FSection 42FD Row GSection 42FD Row CSection 42FD Row CSection 150LG Row HSection Parking Row GA LOTSection 53FD Row ASection 149LG Row FSection 149LG Row CSection 145LG Row MSection 145LG Row OSection 146LG Row JSection 146LG Row LSection 146LG Row MSection 151LG Row ASection 152LG Row ASection 312PR Row CSection 40FD Row CSection 40FD Row ESection 40FD Row DSection 40FD Row GSection 43FD Row JSection 43FD Row LSection 43FD Row KSection 43FD Row NSection 44FD Row BSection 49FD Row ASection 51FD Row ASection 148LG Row DSection 148LG Row ESection 147LG Row FSection 147LG Row DSection 147LG Row ESection 147LG Row GSection 304PR Row CSection 312PR Row ESection 41FD Row JSection 41FD Row KSection 41FD Row NSection 45FD Row DSection 45FD Row CSection 46FD Row ASection 1RS Row ASection 145LG Row ESection 145LG Row DSection 145LG Row FSection 145LG Row HSection 146LG Row CSection 146LG Row DSection 146LG Row FSection 146LG Row GSection 146LG Row GSection 302PR Row CSection 42FD Row BSection 43FD Row DSection 43FD Row CSection 43FD Row ESection 312PR Row BSection 40FD Row BSection 41FD Row DSection 41FD Row CSection 41FD Row ESection 41FD Row ESection 149LG Row BSection 305PL Row ASection 44FD Row ASection 47FD Row ASection 148LG Row BSection 141LG Row TSection 147LG Row BSection 310PR Row BSection Preferred Field Box Value VIP Row FSection 308PR Row BSection 34FD Row RSection 34FD Row USection 34FD Row SSection 34FD Row XSection 36FD Row RSection 45FD Row BSection 142LG Row JSection 141LG Row OSection 137LG Row PSection 137LG Row RSection 138LG Row RSection 140LG Row PSection 145LG Row BSection 145LG Row BSection 146LG Row BSection PARKING LOT G Row GASection 36FD Row PSection 38FD Row KSection 38FD Row JSection 43FD Row BSection 142LG Row CSection 142LG Row DSection 142LG Row ESection 144LG Row CSection 144LG Row DSection 144LG Row ESection PARKING Row LOT BSection LOTG Row GA0Section 32RS Row VSection 139LG Row KSection 139LG Row NSection 139LG Row OSection 139LG Row LSection 139LG Row JSection 140LG Row KSection 52FD Row MSection 36FD Row KSection 36FD Row JSection 36FD Row LSection 41FD Row BSection 42FD Row ASection 141LG Row FSection 141LG Row GSection 141LG Row DSection 141LG Row ESection 137LG Row MSection 137LG Row JSection 137LG Row NSection 137LG Row OSection 138LG Row JSection 138LG Row LSection 140LG Row FSection 140LG Row DSection 140LG Row CSection 140LG Row HSection 143LG Row FSection 143LG Row DSection 34FD Row JSection 34FD Row KSection 34FD Row LSection 38FD Row ESection 40FD Row ASection 138LG Row ESection 138LG Row DSection 138LG Row GSection 138LG Row FSection 138LG Row HSection 139LG Row HSection 314PR Row ASection 36FD Row ESection 36FD Row CSection 38FD Row CSection 45FD Row ASection 51FD Row AASection 137LG Row CSection 137LG Row FSection 137LG Row GSection 137LG Row HSection 34FD Row ESection 36FD Row CSection 36FD Row DSection 37FD Row RSection 37FD Row XSection 37FD Row USection 37FD Row VSection 148LG Row ASection 150LG Row ASection 147LG Row ASection 34FD Row DSection 35FD Row RSection 35FD Row USection 35FD Row XSection 39FD Row JSection 39FD Row KSection 43FD Row ASection 132LG Row JSection 134LG Row NSection 115LG Row RSection 115LG Row SSection 115LG Row PSection 120LG Row RSection 122LG Row JSection 122LG Row KSection 124LG Row KSection 124LG Row LSection 124LG Row MSection 145LG Row ASection 146LG Row ASection 126LG Row JSection 126LG Row NSection 126LG Row OSection 306PR Row ASection 37FD Row LSection 37FD Row NSection 37FD Row JSection 37FD Row KSection 38FD Row BSection 41FD Row ASection 50FD Row AASection 117LG Row JSection 118LG Row JSection 118LG Row KSection 132LG Row CSection 132LG Row DSection 132LG Row HSection 134LG Row ESection 134LG Row DSection 134LG Row GSection 142LG Row BSection 144LG Row BSection 111LG Row LSection 111LG Row MSection 119LG Row OSection 119LG Row JSection 120LG Row LSection 120LG Row KSection 120LG Row JSection 122LG Row CSection 122LG Row DSection 122LG Row HSection 122LG Row GSection 124LG Row FSection 124LG Row GSection 116LG Row OSection 116LG Row NSection 116LG Row KSection 126LG Row CSection 126LG Row FSection 126LG Row GSection 126LG Row HSection 143LG Row BSection 128LG Row DSection 128LG Row CSection 128LG Row ESection 128LG Row FSection 114LG Row OSection 114LG Row LSection 114LG Row MSection 114LG Row JSection 114LG Row KSection 101LG Row PSection 101LG Row TSection 130LG Row GSection 113LG Row JSection 113LG Row MSection 113LG Row NSection 136LG Row ESection 35FD Row MSection 35FD Row JSection 35FD Row PSection 36FD Row BSection 37FD Row FSection 39FD Row ESection 39FD Row GSection 39FD Row FSection 39FD Row HSection 133LG Row SSection 133LG Row SSection 123LG Row RSection 123LG Row PSection 121LG Row PSection 127 Row FSection 139LG Row BSection 125LG Row RSection 304PR Row ASection 37FD Row ESection 37FD Row GSection 39FD Row CSection 51FD Row AASection 117LG Row ESection 119LG Row GSection 138LG Row BSection 101LG Row MSection 101LG Row LSection 101LG Row OSection 32FD Row TSection 35FD Row ESection 35FD Row FSection 35FD Row GSection 37FD Row CSection 37FD Row DSection LOT G Row GA1Section 302PR Row ASection 35FD Row DSection 48FD Row AASection 129LG Row JSection 129LG Row LSection 123LG Row JSection 121LG Row OSection 121LG Row KSection 121LG Row JSection 135LG Row NSection 135LG Row LSection 125LG Row KSection 125LG Row JSection 29RS Row AASection 30FD Row SSection 30FD Row RSection 32FD Row JSection 38FD Row ASection 49FD Row AASection 118LG Row CSection 111LG Row FSection 111LG Row GSection 115LG Row FSection 115LG Row DSection 115LG Row ESection 119LG Row HSection 119LG Row ESection 119LG Row GSection 120LG Row HSection 116LG Row ESection 114LG Row CSection 114LG Row HSection 39FD Row BSection PARKING LOT M Row GA1Section 30FD Row KSection 30FD Row LSection 34FD Row ASection 36FD Row ASection 37FD Row BSection 35FD Row BSection 129LG Row ESection 129LG Row FSection 133LG Row ESection 133LG Row FSection 133LG Row GSection 123LG Row ESection 123LG Row CSection 123LG Row FSection 123LG Row GSection 1TD Row FSection 1TD Row ESection 121LG Row ESection 121LG Row GSection 121LG Row HSection 127LG Row GSection 127LG Row DSection 127LG Row ESection 135LG Row ESection 125LG Row HSection 131LG Row ESection 131LG Row HSection 30FD Row ESection 30FD Row GSection 30FD Row FSection 144LG Row ASection 143LG Row ASection 60RS Row GSection 32FD Row CSection 32FD Row DSection 32FD Row CSection 132LG Row BSection 134LG Row BSection 139LG Row ASection 140LG Row ASection 136LG Row BSection 33FD Row SSection 137LG Row ASection 28FD Row RSection 28FD Row USection 30FD Row DSection 31FD Row TSection 247CL Row ASection 33FD Row JSection 33FD Row KSection 39FD Row ASection 118LG Row BSection 111LG Row BSection 120LG Row BSection 26FD Row RSection 28FD Row MSection 28FD Row PSection 28FD Row NSection 37FD Row ASection 31FD Row JSection 31FD Row MSection 31FD Row LSection 31FD Row KSection 31FD Row LSection 33FD Row ESection 35FD Row ASection 26FD Row PSection 26FD Row JSection 26FD Row KSection 28FD Row FSection 31FD Row GSection 31FD Row ESection 31FD Row HSection 133LG Row BSection FIELD 53 Row TSection 135LG Row BSection 131LG Row BSection 26FD Row ESection 30FD Row BSection 29FD Row RSection 29FD Row WSection 29FD Row TSection 29FD Row VSection 33FD Row CSection 33FD Row DSection 132LG Row ASection 134LG Row ASection 122LG Row ASection 124LG Row ASection 27FD Row TSection 27FD Row RSection 27FD Row SSection 31FD Row CSection 26FD Row CSection 29FD Row NSection 29FD Row OSection 29FD Row KSection 117LG Row ASection 118LG Row ASection 111LG Row ASection 114LG Row ASection 113LG Row ASection 27FD Row PSection 27FD Row MSection 27FD Row JSection 27FD Row NSection 29FD Row ESection 29FD Row FSection FIELD BOX MVP 8 Row PSection 27FD Row ESection 27FD Row FSection 32FD Row ASection 33FD Row BSection LOT G PARKING Row PARKSection LOT G PARKING Row PARKSection LOT G PARKING Row PARKSection 28FD Row BSection 30FD Row ASection 18FD Row PSection 1FD Row USection 20FD Row NSection 24FD Row SSection 24FD Row OSection 24FD Row RSection 29FD Row CSection 129LG Row ASection 123LG Row ASection 10FD Row TSection 127LG Row ASection 16FD Row NSection 125LG Row ASection 14FD Row PSection 14FD Row OSection 26FD Row BSection 2FD Row VSection 2FD Row XSection 2FD Row USection 4FD Row TSection 18FD Row JSection 20FD Row HSection 24FD Row MSection 24FD Row LSection 6FD Row RSection 8FD Row PSection 8FD Row OSection 10FD Row NSection 16FD Row JSection 16FD Row KSection 14FD Row JSection 14FD Row KSection 14FD Row MSection 1FD Row NSection 1FD Row NSection 2FD Row SSection 3FD Row OSection 3FD Row RSection 4FD Row PSection 4FD Row NSection 4FD Row LSection 5FD Row OSection 19FD Row USection 17FD Row TSection 33FD Row ASection 6FD Row JSection 6FD Row LSection 7FD Row JSection 12FD Row HSection 12FD Row KSection 12FD Row GSection 12FD Row MSection 11FD Row KSection 11FD Row MSection 10FD Row JSection 10FD Row LSection 10FD Row MSection 1FD Row KSection 1FD Row MSection 2FD Row KSection 3FD Row JSection 3FD Row MSection 3FD Row KSection 3FD Row JSection 3FD Row LSection 4FD Row KSection 5FD Row JSection 5FD Row KSection 19FD Row RSection 19FD Row SSection 21FD Row RSection 21FD Row OSection 21FD Row PSection 23FD Row SSection 25FD Row PSection 25FD Row OSection 25FD Row NSection 13FD Row OSection 17FD Row RSection 17FD Row NSection 17FD Row OSection 15FD Row OSection 24FD Row FSection 19FD Row MSection 21FD Row MSection 23FD Row KSection 23FD Row JSection 23FD Row LSection 25FD Row KSection 25FD Row HSection 13FD Row MSection 13FD Row JSection 13FD Row LSection 15FD Row LSection 15FD Row KSection 15FD Row MSection 20FD Row ESection 24FD Row ESection 29FD Row ASection 22FD Row ESection 7FD Row GSection 22FD Row FSection 8FD Row GSection 10FD Row FSection 24FD Row DSection 12FD Row FSection 18FD Row DSection 23 FIELD Row HSection 7FD Row FSection 8FD Row FSection 18FD Row CSection 10FD Row ESection 24FD Row CSection 12FD Row ESection 25FD Row FSection 20FD Row CSection 3FD Row ESection 22FD Row DSection 25FD Row ESection 10FD Row DSection 22FD Row CSection 11FD Row DSection 23FD Row ESection 7FD Row DSection 14FD Row BSection 25 FIELD Row DSection 10FD Row CSection 12FD Row CSection 16FD Row BSection 19FD Row DSection 16FD Row CSection 127LG Row BSection 7FD Row CSection 18FD Row BSection 21FD Row DSection 8FD Row CSection 45BL Row CCSection 20FD Row BSection 127LG Row ASection 19FD Row CSection 19FD Row CSection 5FD Row GSection 44BL Row BBSection 1FD Row CSection 22FD Row BSection 4FD Row FSection 42BL Row 5Section 4FD Row ESection 3FD Row DRSection 4FD Row DRSection 5FD Row DRSection 7FD Row DRSection 5FD Row ESection 40BL Row 5Section 45BL Row BBSection 4FD Row DSection 4FD Row CSection 2FD Row CSection 38BL Row 5Section Baseline Club Preferred 39 Row 5Section 38BL Row 3Section 10FD Row BSection 43BL Row 3Section 126LG Row ASection 12FD Row BSection 38BL Row 6Section 6FD Row BSection 8FD Row BSection 39BL Row 5Section 3FD Row BSection 5FD Row BSection 12FD Row ASection 36BL Row 2Section 24FD Row PackageSection 8FD Row ASection 10FD Row ASection 3FD Row ASection 9FD Row XSection 21FD Row ASection 39BL Row 1Section 37BL Row 2Section 25FD Row PackageSection 22RS Row AASection 37RS Row FFSection 14RS Row EESection 158LG Row PBSection 53FD Row MSection 32RS Row GSection 32RS Row HSection 157LG Row PBSection 54RS Row GGSection 316PR Row NSection 316PR Row QSection 44BL Row CCSection 33RS Row AASection 34RS Row DDSection 18RS Row CCSection 25RS Row AASection 21RS Row EESection 30RS Row GGSection 37BL Row 1Section 35BL Row 4Section 13DG Row DDSection 6FD Row XSection 44BL Row VSection 25RS Row JJSection 3DG Row GGSection 4DG Row JJSection 2DG Row GGSection 13DG Row BBSection 2DG Row EESection 2DG Row HHSection 1DG Row EESection 10DG Row DDSection 10DG Row PackageSection 10DG Row AASection 15DG Row AASection DELUXE DOWNTOWN HOTEL Row PACKAGE
Dodger Stadium
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